Social and Financial Inclusion Platform

Digitally Empowering The Stateless

The Rohingya Project is a  Grassroots Initiative and a Platform for Social and Financial Inclusion of Rohingya and other Stateless People Worldwide using Blockchain and Empowerment Programs.



Blockchain Based Self Sovereign Identity will enables Rohingya individuals to own their personal identity online and offline, control, manage and organise personal data without intermediary but with trust and privacy.


Social Crypto Token (R-Coin) is to function as a social incentive device. The objective of the token is increase the social volunteering spirit among refugees and stateless, especially youth, and encourage integration within the local host country based on meritorious activities which can be documented. 


R-Academy is a virtual learning service for the Rohingya people to equip them with culture, language and other skills that enable them to excel and earn. R-Academy provides  training courses and online and certification to stateless people, refugees and other marginalized populations.


For over 30 years Rohingya have lived in a limbo of statelessness. They have been driven out of their ancestral land and live largely undocumented in different countries across the world and denied even basic rights that people take for granted. As a result of their stateless condition, the 3.5 million Rohingya live as an invisible people on the margins, and are vulnerable to destitution, human trafficking, and other maladies. Many second and third generation stateless Rohingya live a shadow existence in their host societies and encounter significant obstacles in generating a livelihood and keeping themselves out of poverty.


The mission of the Project is to create the foundation for a viable future for the stateless Rohingya by connecting them digitally to opportunities to learn, equip and empower themselves. Through the creation of a Financial and Social Inclusion platform, those Rohingya who for years have been sidelined can be given access to a range of virtual services including online education, digital identity and reward tokens. The platform will tap into potential of the Rohingya community and other marginalized people and offer options to counter their exclusion from the mainstream.




As the Rohingya Project intersects with different key areas, including migration, financial technology, healthcare, etc., we look forward to working together with other stakeholders. Learn more about our Partners 




Muhammad Noor — Co-Founder

Life as a Rohingya - Message from Co-founder

As one of the Rohingya, I can say that each passing year seems to be a step back in time for us. In the course of the past 35 years, we have gone from a people with a sense of belonging and security in our homeland, to a people who are now called ‘the world’s most persecuted minority’. Whereas once we were a thriving culture, now we have been effectively disowned by our own state and scattered to the four corners of the Earth. The passage of each year is now a reminder of how our collective dignity is becoming a distant memory.

This has been much international uproar over the recent round of persecution in Rakhine since the middle of 2017. Yet this is nothing new for the Rohingya. Over the past several decades, and in particular over the past five years, such violence has become almost a routine spectacle for our people. What has received significantly less attention over this time, though, is the condition our people face in between these outbreaks of repression. The world knows well the Rohingya as victims of conflict, but they know far less of what hardships the Rohingya experience as a stateless people. 

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