The mission of the Project is to create the foundation for a viable future for the stateless Rohingya by connecting them digitally to opportunities to learn, equip and empower themselves.


For over 30 years Rohingya have lived in a limbo of statelessness. They have been driven out of their ancestral land and live largely undocumented in different countries across the world and denied even basic rights that people take for granted. As a result of their stateless condition, the 3.5 million Rohingya live as an invisible people on the margins, and are vulnerable to destitution, human trafficking, and other maladies. Many second and third generation stateless Rohingya live a shadow existence in their host societies and encounter significant obstacles in generating a livelihood and keeping themselves out of poverty.


Through the creation of a Financial and Social Inclusion platform, those Rohingya who for years have been sidelined can be given access to a range of services including online education, digital identity, tokens, healthcare, earing rewards, doing services and many more which not only counters their exclusion from mainstream but also tap into potential of earning and living in more dignified way. Based on our survey there is a high percentage of mobile penetration within the Rohingya diaspora as communication access is important for survival and adaption.


The digital inclusion platform offers a range of services based on three broad categories: proof of identity, social upliftment and financial inclusion.

Proof of identity includes basic user registration & verification, blockchain-based digital identity and user privacy with data protection protocols.

Financial inclusion services include crowd funding and project empowerment applications and use of the R-Coin, a social capital community token and earning reward through different services.

Social upliftment includes services such as cultural documentation archiving, online education classes and health services and insurance.

Users will be able to receive regular promotional offers, services and discounts by the individual hosted service providers.


User can access the platform through a downloadable e-wallet using smart phone hosting a number of services including our partner applications catering to the unique social and financial needs of the Rohingya. Service access can be limited based on user subscription outside of use of token send/receive functionality and digital identity granted upon individual user registration and proof of claim. Individual users will have access to public and private pin to ensure ownership over their profile and backup protocols will ensure securing of user data upon accidental loss or damage of mobile phone.