What is R-ID ?

The R-ID is a digital identity key that will be issued to stateless Rohingya and marginalized people who choose to enter the Rohingya Project financial and social inclusion platform. The R-ID is based on self-sovereign principles that each individual user should be allowed to control their own data and decide which data or credentials should be accessed by third parties. 

Through the creation of a secure Blockchain-leveraged self-sovereign ID, those Rohingya, especially youth, who for years have been sidelined can be given access to a range of applications and other services to encourage collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.


One of the primary challenges faced by stateless Rohingya relate to lack of recognized identification. Many basic human rights taken for granted in most states depend to a large degree on the availability of nationality by the individual. Government and private services require identification such as a passport or national ID card as a norm before allowing access.The ability to open a bank account, visit a health clinic or travel freely within the country are thus denied or made increasingly difficult for stateless individuals such as the Rohingya. As per the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusions’ report The World Stateless released in 2014, “The harsh reality for many stateless persons is a story of lack of opportunity, of lack of protection and of lack of participation.”

The R-ID is not designed as a substitute for existing identity cards issued by UNHCR or other entities, but merely as a dedicated access key for services on Rohingya Project’s financial and social platform.

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