Closing Ceremony for the Pilot of the R-Coin

Rcoin is a Crypto Token for Refugee Volunteers supported by UNHCR a total of 35 refugees took part in the pilot and collected over 570 R-Coins from early November to 20 December. The refugees took part in a variety of different community service tasks, from communal cooking, teaching, group clean-ups, computer training, transport and doing refugee surveys. Refugees received 1 R-Coin for every hour of volunteer work.

Refugees redeemed their R-Coins for different prizes, including gift cards, ATM cards (as most refugees are not allowed bank accounts) and health service packages.

We are grateful to the refugee organizations, including Rohingya Vision, Project Stand Up, Refugee Network Center, Myanmar Muslim Refugee Community and MSRI for being partners in the pilot.

Our goal for 2020 is to expand the R-Coin to more refugee volunteers and connect the R-Coin to allow refugee to redeem rewards from products and services offered by local businesses.