Meet our Team

Muhammad Noor

Co-Founder & Managing Director

A Rohingya himself, Noor has established several Rohingya institutions and trained several highly-regarded members of the Rohingya community worldwide. His most notable contributions include the digitization and Unicode of First Rohingya Alphabet, serving as the chairman of Rohingya Football Club, authoring “The Exodus – A True Story from a Child of Forgotten People,” and working on several assignments with the UN High Commission for Refugees, the Red Cross, International Organizaton for Migration, International Network of Human Rights. Noor is the Co-Founder of Rohingya Vision (RVISION), the world's first Rohingya Satellite television channel.

Kyri Andreou


A British national, Kyri has resided in Malaysia for over 30 years. He is an entrepreneur with extensive branding, marketing and strategic planning experience, nationally and internationally. For the last 15 years, Kyri has ventured into web services, brand strategy advisory, social entrepreneurship, agro & eco-tourism and Islamic Peer-to-Peer Microfinancing. Kyri is the Co-Founder of Ata Plus, the world's first Blockchain-enhanced licensed equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform.

Saqib Sheikh

Project Director

A US national, Saqib is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He began his career working for international NGOs and UN agencies in New York City, USA. He has previously served for six years as Programme Manager at the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, organizing media training activities for over 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Saqib currently lectures on journalism and new media at Sunway University Malaysia, and is a manager for the Urban Hijau sustainable farm project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He received his Masters in Communication from Purdue University, USA.

Lilianne Fan

Regional Director, Asia-Pacific

Lilianne Fan is International Director and Co-Founder of Geutanyoë Foundation, a regional humanitarian organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Aceh, Indonesia, and Chair of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network’s Rohingya Working Group (APRRN). She is a cultural anthropologist and humanitarian professional with more than 20 years of experience working with refugees, internally displaced persons, and communities affected by conflict and disaster, and currently specialises on the situation of the stateless Rohingya in Rakhine State and in ASEAN. She provides regular expertise to a range of institutions and governments including the UN, the World Bank, ASEAN, the Government of Malaysia and the Government of Indonesia.

Giovanni Galluzzo

Chief Techology Officer

A US national, Giovanni has delivered education and conducted training since 2011 in Language, Mathematics, Information Technology and Ecological Design. Giovanni previously served for six years as CEO and Director of International Marketing at Murujan Permaculture, conducting training across Malaysia for design professionals. Prior to this, he worked as a network administrator for a legal firm in Connecticut, USA. Giovanni completed his Juris Doctor of Law from Pace University, New York, USA. He completed his Bachelors of Science in IT from the University of Connecticut, USA. Giovanni is certified in Train the Trainer from GEM International and Permaculture Design from Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

Hammam Radwan

Islamic Finance

Tahmina Sharmin

Rohingya Content

Qutub Shah

Rohingya Community Adviser

Akmal Fikri


Ajmeer Omar

Rohingya Content

Zayan Yassin

Blockchain Adviser

Amran Rahmat

Video Production

Muhammad Shuaib

Rohingya Content

Mahamed Hagi


Nadia Razak

Design & Ops

Arifa Sultana

Marketing & Ops

Islam Elzayyadi



Keiko Hagihara Bang

Keiko Bang has spent more than 20 years creating and producing high-end award-winning factual productions from Asia for the international marketplace. She is responsible for producing more than 100 hours of blue-chip programming, which have aired in more than 150 countries around the world. More than 40 percent of these acclaimed films were co-productions with over 25 countries, many of them working with an Asian producer or broadcaster for the first time. In 2006, Bang was the first Asian production company to rank amongst Realscreen’s Top 100 Most Influential Documentary Companies in the World.

Stuart Levi

Stuart Levi is an intellectual property and technology transaction attorney in New York where he focusses on blockchain technology and smart contract implementations. Stuart advises a number of companies in this space ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations, and with his background in computer science understands the technology concepts underlying blockchain. Stuart is also actively involved in projects relating to the intersection between privacy, data rights and blockchain, and welcomes the opportunity to play even a small part in this important cause.

Dr. Farrukh Habib

Dr Farrukh Habib is an expert in Islamic law (sharia), finance & economics. He is a Researcher, Advisor, Consultant and Trainer by profession focusing on capital market, sukuk, banking, & social & ethical finance. Lately, he has found his interest in FinTech, including: crowdfunding, micro-investments, microfinance, blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, & ICOs. Currently, he is involved in various cryptocurrencies and blockchain based projects in various capacities, such as Co-Founder & Senior Advisor of HalalChain; Finance & Sharia Advisor of Ultroneum; Advisor of MebsChain; Sharia Advisor of HabibiCoin, and many others. Dr Farrukh Habib holds a PhD degree in Islamic Finance; a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in banking & finance; a master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics; and another master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Islamic studies.

Reza Zain Jaufeerally

Counsel Reza Zain Jaufeerally is specialist Researcher in Islamic and Ethical Finance at Centre for Economics & Ethics of University of Leuven. A Barrister by training (Middle Temple), he holds a triple LLM (International Business, Intellectual Property & ICT law specialisations) from University of Leuven. His research focus is the synergies between Islamic Finance, Ethical Finance & Socially Responsible Investment and Entrepreneurship. He is a practitioner of action-based research (in particular creation of Ethical & Sharia’h-compliant financial instruments). His latest product enables the optimal funding of one billion euros of Senior Housing in the EU.