Official Launch of the Rohingya Project

Crowdfunding for the Rohingya – Identity and Opportunity

Official Launch of the Rohingya Project, seeking to unite and empower the Rohingya People leveraging blockchain technology

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 16 October 2017 – Rohingya Vision and Ata Plus announced today that they are raising funds for the newly launched Rohingya Project to enfranchise the stateless Rohingya people. The Project partners are aiming to raise RM250,000 to execute the first stage of the project which will create a database of undocumented Rohingya in Malaysia and then provide them with individual digital identities using blockchain technology.

Launched in the backdrop of the ongoing conflict in Rakhine, Burma, the Rohingya Project looks to shift the narrative of the Rohingya people from victimhood to empowerment. There are nearly 3.5 million stateless Rohingya worldwide, many of them undocumented and facing financial and other hardships. While much international attention has focused on the plight of the Rohingya in Burma, this Project will engage public support for a unified and thriving Rohingya global community.     

The Project looks at two key issues of identity and opportunity for uplift of the Rohingya people. ‘Identity’ relates to the need to digitally register undocumented and other diaspora Rohingya into a central database, the first data on Rohingya census in the world. Individual Rohingya shall have their ancestry authentically identified to link them directly to their original lands of dispersion. The pilot phase of the Project will start with the registration of 1,000 undocumented Rohingya currently residing in Malaysia beginning this year.

‘Opportunity’ refers to the need to improve the state of the Rohingya people by providing them meaningful financial avenues after the registration phase. Using their own unique blockchain-based digital identities and crowdfunded resources, Rohingya diaspora communities will be given their chance to improve their own condition. This includes opportunities for vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship to allow the Rohingya to tap into their potential.

The Project joins Rohingya Vision, the major media broadcast representative of the Rohingya people, and Ata Plus, a licensed equity crowdfunding online platform, in a unique collaboration. Those interested to support the Rohingya Project are encouraged to visit for further information.