About Rohingya Project

For over 30 years, Rohingya have lived in a limbo of statelessness. Driven out of their ancestral land, living largely undocumented in different countries across the world and denied even basic rights that people take for granted, the struggles the Rohingya diaspora face are severe. As a result of their stateless condition, the 3.5 million Rohingya live as an invisible people on the margins, and are vulnerable to destitution, human trafficking, and other maladies.

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Many second and third generation stateless Rohingya live a shadow existence in their host societies and encounter significant obstacles in generating a livelihood and keeping themselves out of poverty. The mission of the Project is to create the foundation for a viable economic and social future for our people and connect these Rohingya to opportunities to learn, equip and empower themselves.

Rohingya Project is targeting a central issue the Rohingya diaspora face as a result of statelessness: financial exclusion.

Through the creation of a secure and international Blockchain-leveraged ecosystem, those Rohingya who for years have been sidelined can be given access to a range of financial applications and other services to encourage collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform will tap into the entrepreneurial potential of the Rohingya community and offer options to counter their exclusion from the mainstream.

Over time, the Project will strive to be a space where the stateless Rohingya can organise themselves and support their own on-the-ground and virtual initiatives to further their community’s interests.

Project Objectives


To create a digital ecosystem to uplift and empower the stateless Rohingya in diaspora both economically and socially


To achieve a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals related to poverty eradication, social marginalisation and others


To offer a range of Blockchain-based applications to encourage entrepreneurship and financial sustainability within the Rohingya community


To come up with a strong Proof of Concept for community empowerment that can be shared with other stateless and marginalised people


To encourage Rohingya diaspora self-organisation and collaboration


To provide support and capacity-building to Rohingya-led community initiatives on the ground

Unlocking potential with access to:

Digital Identity
Financial Services
Legal Rights
Social Services