Identities for Opportunities: A Feasibility Study for Overcoming the Rohingya’s Statelessness Challenges Via Blockchain Digital Solutions

Applied Research Program, Jackson School of International Studies
August 1, 2018


This report provides a feasibility assessment for The Rohingya Project (TRP) proposal to create self-sovereign digital identities for the stateless Rohingya diaspora, so as to facilitate financial inclusion and other opportunities otherwise unavailable to those without a nation and associated entitlements conferred on citizens of a state. The report first reviews the structural architecture of blockchains to determine the optimal blockchain platform architectural design for TRP objectives and the risks in the application of blockchain based digital identification. Second, it examines the necessary tools in information that are pertinent to the implementation of a blockchain digital ID. This include international laws and regulations that govern identity verification, a study of existing digital ID systems, and a study of TRP’s pilot nations, Bangladesh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. The report concludes with a summary of key findings, recommendations, and areas for further research.

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